Eleanor of Aquitaine

How I got here: Eleanor of Aquitaine podcast on The History Chicks
[May 2017]

I kind of crept through this podcast over a few days, though I enjoyed learning about Eleanor. At the end, the hosts reference a film about Eleanor – The Lion in Winter (1968) starring Katharine Hepburn and Peter O’Toole – and mention it is the favorite film of President Josiah Bartlet’s character on The West Wing (one of my absolute favorite TV series of all time).

The Rosetta Spacecraft

How I got here: ROSETTA Memories of a Comet (documentary on Curiosity Stream) – a romantic portrayal of the Rosetta mission and the events leading up to the first time we (as humans) orbited around and landed on a comet (67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko). [May 2017] The Curiosity Stream documentary is available through a subscription (which I highly recommend as an amazing and affordable source of knowledge that costs only $2.99 a month), but there are also others available for free, like this one, which I haven’t personally watched yet: Images: 1

Commonplace Book

Root: The title of this website came from my discovery of the commonplace book. Read more about me here. Based on the results of a hasty Google search, I find a variety of definitions for the commonplace book, though all can agree that it acts as a depository of tidbits of information gleaned from any number of sources (mine include books, podcasts, blogs, news articles, etc.). A personal wiki that has been kept by the likes of Marcus Aurelius, Virginia Woolf, Petrarch, Thomas Jefferson and Bill Gates among others. Harvard has a very cool set of resources on the topic including a scan of John Locke’s A new method of making common-place-books in which he states that the reasons for maintaining our knowledge in order are to: Understand why we collect information Commit to remembering content we choose. I quite like this article “The Commonplace Book as a Thinker’s Journal”.…