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In 2014, in between two full-time jobs, I freelanced for about six months. The flexibility was intoxicating. Waking up whenever I wanted; wearing pajamas for days straight; watching TV shows between assignments; taking a 3-week trip back home to New York. It was a dream come true – but then I went a little crazy. Even though I had just a handful of clients, they were all very lucrative jobs and relatively easygoing, which gave me quite a bit of free time. At a certain point, all this free time suddenly felt like a huge responsibility – as if I should be spending every single second in the most meaningful way possible.

So I embarked upon a little side project – I decided to seek out every “best book” list I could find and attempt to read all of them in an effort to become a self-made literary connoisseur. Unfortunately, I became quite obsessed with studying the LISTS rather than reading the books on them. And I came to the conclusion that I would never have accomplished my goal, anyway, as I will probably never make my way through Proust.

Here are the lists I found, though – if a respected institution or book critic has cherry picked these books out of the millions that exist in this world, they must at least be worth consideration.

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